About Casa Straniera.

Awarded Best Immigration Advisor In Nigeria 2022.

Casa Straniera (English translation “Foreign Home”) is an immigration consultation company with international footprint that specializes in Citizenship & Residency-by Investment and International Real Estate Investment.

About CASA

An international immigration counselling firm with a focus on citizenship and residency-by-investment and international real estate investment is called Casa Strainera, which translates to “Foreign Home” in English. With our head office in North America, we are able to offer our clients specialised Immigration, Property, Law, and Investment needs in more than ten countries with significant returns on investments through our partners. Successful entrepreneurs, business families, and institutions can receive seamless advice on their needs both domestically and internationally from the consultants and partners of the organization. As multidisciplinary partners, we provide our clients global legal, tax, corporate, and fiduciary services, primarily in the areas of residency & citizenship and real estate.

Local Immigration Company with a difference

The company’s culture is marked by a high quality specialist advice. Unlike many immigration consulting companies, CS is backed by a strong sense of entrepreneurship, which is necessary to understand the clients’ set up and the industry in which they operate. Nonetheless, the company emphasises on independence, transparency and responsiveness. The company gauge the effectiveness of teamwork by the degree of success achieved in the clients’ support and have adopted a results-based approach across the board so that the clients’ success becomes the company’s own success. Since it has opened its doors, CS has stressed the importance of a positive and open-minded attitude that inspires a company-wide culture of viewing problems as opportunities, which is reflected in their long-standing reputation as constructive solution advisors. Casa Strainéra’s partners and seniors continue the company’s tradition of providing specialised immigration consulting services of unrivalled quality. However, they ensure that the delivery is carried out in a personalised environment built around the clients’ personal and commercial realities. In such a way, the firm is able to boast of a boutique, almost family, approach whilst maintaining the excellence associated with larger firms.

Africa’s Immigration Company of Choice

The company specialises in assisting foreign investors interested in extending their business operations overseas as well as the owners, employees and their respective families who may also wish to relocate to EU, USA or Canada. With Global partners who come with years of experience in Europe and the Americas legal service, our clients needs are looked after by the best in the business. Our service delivery and tailored services follows our clients wherever they need. We are not a relay company whereby we only service you and leave you to fend for yourself, we are available for you wherever you need us and our relationship with you is indefinite until you decide otherwise. For such reason, the company has maintained a solid reputation as a high-quality company of choice for many.

Why Choose Us?

At Casa Straniera, our mission is to take a genuine interest in our clients, understand their objectives and exceed their expectations. We dedicate ourselves to these values.

We provide value for money services without compromising on quality.

We are a well-staffed company with high level of quality of partners, providing a prime yet personalised service.

Our mixed Global team of experts on immigration, legal, tax, finance and management consultants deliver client-centric solutions across several disciplines.

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