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Dual citizenship is a contract between an individual and two countries, allowing such individual to enjoy certain rights and benefits from the two countries. For instance, a person can be a dual citizen of Nigeria and Canada. Therefore, dual citizenship allows you to have both a Nigerian and Canadian passport at the same time.

Every person is at least a citizen of a country either by birth, marriage, investment, or naturalisation.

With a focus on what should be known about getting dual citizenship, let us highlight some of the benefits and advantages of being a dual citizen as seen below:

1. Opportunity to travel to many countries of the world and choice destinations. This is because you will not go through the rigorous visa application process of the countries you desire to travel to.

2. It increases your social currency and opens doors of economic opportunities. This is so because travelling to different countries will allow you to easily make business connections with influential persons.

3. Easy access to international education and healthcare. There are arrays of options when it comes to your own personal healthcare, and children’s education.

4. There are different options at your disposal of the countries you can travel to at any given point in time. When you know there is civil unrest in a particular country you are staying currently, your dual citizenship allows you to travel to a country without civil unrest.

Getting dual citizenship requires following some legal processes. For instance, a Nigerian who wants to have a Canadian or UK passport, should know whom to meet and where to go to, in order to get all required information to obtaining a second passport (Canadian or UK passport), if he already has a Nigerian passport.

A good number of Nigerians consult different immigration and travelling agencies to help them get a foreign passport. Some pay individuals, whom they believe will help them out to obtain a second passport. The result of patronising unknown third parties is that many Nigerians have been scammed of their hard earned in the process of trying to get dual citizenship.

It is advisable for anyone who is ready to have dual citizenship to find an organisation with good track records in international immigration consultation services. By doing this, the person is rest assured that he will get value for his money.

Casa Straniera, a global brand when it comes to acquiring dual citizenship is your best option. Casa Straniera is all about helping out when it comes to dual citizenship. Casa Strainera (English translation “Foreign Home”) is an immigration consultation company with international footprint that specialises in Citizenship & Residency-by Investment and International Real Estate Investment. With the head office in North America, and Canada.

Through our partners we are able to also provide our clients’ with a tailored Immigration, Property, Law and Investment needs in Malta, Cyprus, London, Zurich, Canada and Hong Kong. The consultants and partners of the company are able to seamlessly advise successful entrepreneurs, business families and institutions on their needs at home and abroad. As multidisciplinary partners, we provide international legal, tax, corporate and fiduciary services in related countries to our clients, mainly relating to the practices of Residency & Citizenship and Property.

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