Top 5 Benefits of Citizenship By Investment In Malta: Number 2 Will Wow You

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Citizenship by investment is a way of putting a certain amount of money in another country’s economy in order to become a citizen of such country, after meeting some laid down criteria. One country a good number of people invest in is Malta. Not sure what benefit you could derive from citizenship by Investment In Malta ? check out the Top 5 Benefits of citizenship by Investment In Malta below.

The main thing common to well-made entrepreneurs and established business owners is that they invest internationally. They look for business-friendly countries where they can further expand their businesses in order to become global brands. It is important to note that some countries offer much more than investment opportunities for foreigners who invest there. One of such countries is Malta.

Malta is a country with a population of less than 500,000 people. It is a country in Europe. Its capital is Valetta. The Euro is the official currency, while both English and Maltese are officially spoken. There are loads of benefits Malta citizenship by investment offers.

Casa Straniera - Benefit of Malta Residency by Investment
Casa Straniera – Benefit of Malta Residency by Investment

A look at five of the benefits will help you know why you should consider investing in Malta.

1. Process of getting Malta citizenship is fast. It takes between four to 12 months to process Malta citizenship by investment. This means that the investor would not wait for years to get his or her Maltese passport, and in turn citizenship.

2. Travelling to 182 countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom and European Union (EU) countries without a need for visa. This is called the icing on the cake for anyone who becomes a Maltese citizen, as he or she would travel visa-free to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and European Union countries. It can not be better than this.

3. Family members are included. This means a person’s spouse and children will enjoy all the benefits of citizenship by investment in Malta.

4. High quality healthcare and education. ‘Education (Knowledge) is power’ as the saying goes. Therefore quality education is guaranteed, likewise healthcare services.

5. Residency is approved by European Union. The EU countries recognises and gives high regard for a holder of a Maltese passport. This means the person will be allowed to get all benefits EU gives to its member country citizens.

Based on the above five stated benefits of Malta citizenship by investment, the next question that could arise is, how do someone go about investing in Malta in order to get its citizenship and all the five benefits and many more? The answer lies with Casa Straniera.

Casa Straniera is an international immigration consultation company that shows the way on how get the process of citizenship by investment done from the beginning to the end.

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